Brock Zimak is an Insurance Broker with PMZ Financial Services. In this episode we talk about the things to consider when purchasing mortgage protection insurance. We also discuss alternative insurance solutions to the default products that are offered by Banks, Credit Unions and Mortgage Brokers.

Lorne Weiss is Co-Chair of the Manitoba Tipi Mitawa program. In this episode we talk about how through a partnership by the Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs and the Manitoba Real Estate Association, The Manitoba Tipi Mitawa (MTM) program helps First Nations families wishing to purchase their first home.

Steve Ennis is a Regional Manager, Strategic Lending Group with CMLS Financial. In this episode we talk about Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) insured multi-family residential financing. We also discuss how it’s easier than investors may think to grow from one to four units into true multi-family apartment blocks in Winnipeg and surrounding areas.

Bruce Gemmel is a New Home Sales Agent with Qualico’s Broadview and Sterling Homes brands. In this episode we talk about the new home opportunities in Grande Pointe Meadows which is located just outside of the Perimeter Highway in the RM of Ritchot and has been designed to embrace rural living within a neighbourhood design.

Garret Wong is the President and Founder of Upper Edge Property Management. He is also the current President of the Professional Property Managers Association of Manitoba. In this episode we talk about rental property management and the benefits of using a professional vs self managing. 

Claw Purves is a Lawyer at Assiniboia Law Group with locations in Winnipeg and Selkirk. In this episode we talk about the potentially difficult effects of separation or divorce on a home. We also discuss who and how someone can keep the home.

Carla Brenan is an interior designer with Carla Brenan Design in Winnipeg. In this episode we talk about the benefits of hiring a professional vs doing it yourself, cost considerations and common misconceptions. Carla also shares some easy and affordable tips that can immediately improve your home. 

Mike McLenehan CPA, CGA is the founder of McLenehan and Associates Chartered Professional Accountants with two locations Winnipeg. In this episode we talk about holding investment properties personally vs in a corporation. We also discuss some of the tax implications to consider. 

Donna Hodgson is a Regional Manager with the Chicago Title Insurance Company (Canada) In this episode we talk about residential title insurance. We discuss what title insurance typically covers and what sets Chicago Title apart from its competitors. 

Dodi Kozak is a Business Development Manager with HomeEquity Bank. In this episode we talk about the CHIP Reverse Mortgage, a financial solution designed for Canadian homeowners 55 years of age or older. We’ll discuss the benefits, potential risks, costs and eligibility associated with obtaining a reverse mortgage.

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